Anyone using EOS on Legion slim 7 or Zephyrus g14/15?

Is anyone using EOS on Lenovo Legion Slim 7 (AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX-AMD Radeon RX 6800S) or Acer Zephyrus G14 (AMD Ryzen 9, AMD Radeon RX 6700S)? or similar system?

Wondering is it worth it, everything working out of the box? Or did you try any other 2021-2022 gaming laptops? They seem like beasties but very high price.

I know desktops are better, but I am looking for a work laptop, fast GPU is necessary, and graphics card for gaming in secret at home :laughing: I never tried AMD Radeon on laptops and want to avoid Nvidia at all costs! Light and good battery life is a must for mobility.

I also never tried AMD GPU on laptops. I used it on desktop about ten years ago and it was pretty bad vs Intel.

Gaming wise I am planning on playing civ 6, eldenring, spell force, things like that.

Could be a good thread to discuss newest gaming laptops in general.


Lenovo Legion 5, AMD Ryzen 7/RTX3070, but not a big gamer. Played Half-Life2 and one of the Witcher games (but got stuck on the bit with the giant squid thingy).

Anything higher than this in the Lenovo Legion is getting pretty pricey.


Edit: There are a lot of legion laptops with Ryzen processors and Nvidia graphics. I think if i was getting one of those i would get at least the Nvidia 3070 Ti.


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This one is on sale here.

I’m rocking Legion 5. Ryzen 7 5800H/AMD Radeon 6600XT.

I was also looking for ONLY AMD and no Nvidia.

I added G.Skillz 64gb ram for $180USD as well.

The 2 reasons I didn’t get a slim 7 - 1 I couldn’t find one and 2 I would have been kinda iffy about the soldered ram. . .

But the slim looks like a significantly more portable laptop. My Legion is FREAKING heavy - and the power charger quite literally weighs more than half of my Thinkpad t480s (I weighed them).

I had looked at other laptops but chose Lenovo because I love the keyboard on my Thinkpad. The Legion keyboard isn’t bad. But it’s nowhere near as good as the Thinkpad ones are. . . Just a heads up.

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All the slims i looked at have Touch screen which i really don’t like.

I went to check this lenovo and the Asus zephyrus g14 in store. The zephyrus is too small and too “pimped up” with the white color. The g15 maybe great but currently only available with Nvidia and no face camera…

The legion 7 slim is definitely a beast with Ryzen 9 and AMD GPU. It’s also strange, the youtube review said no HDMI but it’s not true, there are 2 USB C, several USB A and HDMI. It’s a dream machine! The keyboard is definitely nice, but flatter than ThinkPads. Still, this is a high quality build.

No touch on slim 7. I don’t use touch screen neither except perhaps on tablets and phone of course

Arch wiki has laptop pages. On the Asus one, your Zephyrus G14/G15 look ok except for ethernet on the G14 and some of the extra keys.

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This guy is awesome, but $2600?!?

I just bought my Legion 5 (not slim) with all the upgrades (3tb worth of sabrent drives and the 64gb ram) and still would have had enough left over to have bought my Thinkpad too!! Whoo that’s pricey.

The picky nitpick from me is the one soldered ram slot. I know it’s slim, but for the money, I went perfect.

How nice is the metal housing though? I definitely feel a little “cheap” with the case on mine.

Think these are CAD not USD :grin: still not cheap but runs for around $1900 in the US, maybe discounts later during the year.

Fit that I’m at least vaguely interested. $2000 is my cap. I don’t care how nice it is, that’s just more than I’m ever willing to pay for a computer.

I think higher end are for professionals who really need additional computing power, but then in most cases people may get a desktop and proper cooling system. Above 2k hurts.

I personally like 14" laptops. Everything else is too large. Hence why i favor a desktop. The G14 comes in grey also. The legion slim all have touch screen. Don’t be confused with the slim models as they are all touch screen and as they are different than the Legion 7 slim. Slim are their own models.

The AMD cpu AND gpu version 2022 is only in white. The AMD cpu and Nvidia gpu is grey perhaps choice of white. This is also what I saw in store and on review videos.

Seems that it has good Linux support with minor hick up with wifi.

I am not confused with the portable slim models… The legion slim 7 does not have touch screen even on the link you posted it says non-touch. Although in that link these are the Nvidia GPU models. There is and advantage version with AMD CPU and GPU. To my knowledge they do not come in touch screen.

Oh okay…i didn’t look that close at the details. :astonished:

That’s what I’m getting at. The slim models are a totally different laptop and they are all Touch screen.
Legion slim and Slim are different.

I know :innocent: I spent like a week on the reviews and checking them out as I never had a AMD CPU and GPU laptop. Seems there are very few high end amd models that came out this year, most laptops ship with Nvidia RTX cards.

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Thanks God, not a big fan of glossy touch screen.