Anyone use Firefox's password manager?

I noticed If you sign into FF, it has a password manager. Has anyone used it? Is it safe?

I used it before , with out signing into firefox . Signing in will sync your password across devices . But the password manager does have a flow . Only one round of hashing is used to create the master key , don’t know if it’s improved . So you need a relatively complex password . Anyway I am using KeepassXC now .


I used Bitwarden in the past, but since FF is my default browser on all my PCs, I thought it would be cool. Thanks for the feedback!


I don’t trust password managers, especially cloud ones.


Using Bitwarden I see no reason to use any other program :wink:

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Me too don’t trust the cloud . Even if I use a 1024bit cipher to encrypt my data I won’t upload it to the cloud :innocent:


It is not a cloud based password manager. firefox stores passwords in a local file which is protected by a master password. I am using this since years and I am very happy with it.
It does not replace a password manager like keepass because firefox only stores passwords for webpages.


I classify this as BAD Security Practice !
I hear Facebook has a password manager , lol .

It is as soon as you sign in to Firefox Sync :wink: The default option for Firefox Sync is to sync passwords over their cloud.

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I started using enpass-bin awhile back as I started not really being comfortable with ff buit in thing.

Enpass is nice.
You do have the option of cloud sync or not. I do not.
It will also easily let you import and export other file formats, including txt format.

I exported my firefox stuff to one format, then imported to enpass.
Not long ago I exported enpass to txt file and printed it out and put it in a safe place…
All 18 pages lol

If you need your pw’s on another machine, it’s pretty easy to take the main file and
copy it onto another machine, or export/import them that way without using cloud side of things.


I didnt know that. I do not use the sync function. I do not even want Mozilla to see my bookmarks :wink: