Anyone into comics?

Some friends persuaded me to read a few comics and as a result I’m interested in some recommendations.

On a techy note I setup a Komga server and am using the Tachiyomi client to connect to the server and read the comics on a android tablet.

I liked a few:

  • Transmetropolitan
  • Preacher
  • The Boys
  • Blacksad
  • Descender (mostly for the watercolor artwork)
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i havent read any comic in probably a few years if it werent for an anime con, i discovered a entirely austrian made comic (that even plays in the city i currently live in, vienna), i got a signed copy of the first edition since i supported their lovely work so early. , ill attach the cover of the first edition.
before that even more years before it it was ye olde marvel comics, tho im open ears as well to any new comics or webtoons that primarily feature a female lead.
one really short webtoon series i recommend is from the artist called rakkkuguy
if you search their blogs you can find even more


Actually i’m reading one right now :smile:

got two old comics from a friend of mine, “Yoko Tsuno” (
and “The Incal” (
Both are quite interesting.

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