Anyone having issues with Clementine?

Had to downgrade Clementine from 1.4.0rc1+755+g568ff1f9d-1 to 1.4.0rc1+495+g10bf5dc17-4, some weird problems like it closes automatically while playing a song. Good to have /var/cache/pacman/pkg with at least the last 3 pkg versions. :headphones:

Clementine is not very well maintained anymore IMHO. If you wish to try a very similar alternative which has been forked from Clementine then I would check out Strawberry. It is really good! :grinning:


Excellent fork, look's good, sounds good, i feel i little bit of a difference with the EQ, but nothing that cannot be handle.
Thank God for the AUR :yum:
Cmake compilation went smooth. :partying_face:

I love both but for some reason, they have hiccups. They pause in the middle of songs. Iā€™m not sure why.