Anyone have thoughts on why amd ryzen limits its apus to pcie ver 3

When their non apu chips have been on ver 4 for some time?

Can you explain more clearly what you are asking. Several people have no idea of what you are referring to.

Autocorrect on the phone is a pain. How about now?

AMD APU’s are based on their mobile chips if I remember correctly. Ssince there is no compelling reason to include pcie 4.0 in the mobile space yet since it iuses more power producing additional heat, and a severe impact on battery life, you probably won’t see it in an APU until such time as those issues recede. Also since the graphics are limited they probably don’t need the additional bandwidth, especially with the power considerations.

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Makes a lot of sense for mobile. Desktop seems like it could still benefit from ver 4 though.

Possibly but there is no financial incentive for that little slice of the market to make a completely new line of APU’s, with higher performance options. When AMD mobile chips move to 4.0 their APU’s will move to 4.0. APU’s are a budget desktop option, and that is the targeted market. The proposed niche product, would not provide good ROI.

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Here you can check a lot of AMD specs.

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The question is not about how to check specs. The question was why specs are thus and not thus. I had to check them before I could ask the question. That much should be apparent.

I know the question is not about how to check the specs! I just offered it up in case you hadn’t seen this page before. :thinking:

Edit: Pci-e 4.0 runs a lot hotter and draws way more power so that might have some bearing on it. But i don’t know their reasons.

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