Anyone have a Fedora 35 VM? Curious about Gnome Tweaks Fonts settings

Greetings lovely community,

Just a quick random question. I wanted to see how Gnome looks when I set all the defaults to what Fedora has. Only thing I’m looking for is what is displayed in the Font settings in Gnome Tweaks. I’ve adjusted mine using Ubuntu fonts, so I forget what the defaults are, but if anyone has a Fedora VM they could power up and screenshot share the default (I think maybe even EndeavourOS might have the same defaults too possibly) Gnome Tweaks Fonts settings I’d appreciate that. I’d download a Fedora .iso myself, but it’d take me a couple hours with my current internet speeds.

Here’s how mine currently looks:

Here you go:

Screenshot taken from Fedora 35 Live ISO. If memory serves me right, you will have the same fonts with Gnome Vanilla on EnOS as well.


Thanks @pebcak just gave that a try and now I remember why I use the Ubuntu fonts :stuck_out_tongue:

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