Anyone else notice the drastic UI changes to Pamac? I can't seem to be able to install AUR packages, and some packages from the repos are missing!

Oh my Oh my. Pamac has been my primary way to install applications on Arch-based systems. However, ever since the 10.0.3 update, and now 10.0.4, I’ve been having a lot of issues now. They basically boil down to

  • I can’t enable AUR packages. The option in the preferences menu is gone.

  • Some packages are straight-up missing from the application. I noticed this when I tried to install OBS.

  • I can’t seem to be able to see each package’s dependencies as well.
    Have I gone blind? Are these nonexistent issues that my idiot self can’t seem to figure out? Or are these known issues that need to fix by myself? I’ve visited the package’s GitLab page and there seems to be no sign of such issues there. Strange.

Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.

Did you open preferences. If software mode is checked it won’t show the other stuff!


Here is a (helpful) piece of advice: forget Pamac and use pacman like the Good Lord intended1.

1 and yay when He is not looking. :wink:


Thank you. I was the strapping young idiot after all haha.

Reject GUI. Go back to MONKEY

Who is this?


A quick snak

DO NOT! frog_scream_72