Anyone able to identify what has happened to my TV?

Don’t know about the laws there, but here in your neighbor country we have consumer officials that consumers can contact.

I just read about a case where a TV broke just after 4 years, and the consumer official here said that a TV should last at least 4 years regardless of the warranty. So the company had to pay a discount (so not full refund) for the TV because it broke too early.


We have something similar here, perhaps worth an attempt. Thanks for the reminder!

What do they call that port? It looks similar to hdmi but wider maybe?

“OneConnect” I think. It’s difficult to find a decent picture of the actual front of the cable but this is what it looks like.

Not helpful at this point… but the least time that a Sony TV has lasted me is 12 years - and that was because I moved it on to another, where it continues giving good service. There has been what LOOKS like an unjustifiable premium for its TVs for some time, but spread over the actual usable lifetime, it doesn’t seem so bad.

I suspect that their ‘recovery plan’ from some years ago (see movie studio acquisitions etc) included sticking with premium parts in their TVs to maintain a reputation!

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Are you able to connect it without the one connect box?

No, it will ask you to connect the box if you do. No other services are available.

Decided to attempt to contact Samsung, and their whole CS process was as dreadful as their products. Went on to their site, opened the chat, which required me to fill in an A4 worth of information. It took me about 5 minutes, after which I tried to submit the information and was met with a ‘no representatives available at this time’. Baffling how I wasn’t made aware prior to filling in the form. Pressed the ‘email us instead’ button, and had to refill all the information a second time, and included a picture of the problem as well as the receipt.

A few days later I receive a response, which was either a template, a terrible AI, or a representative who loathed their work. It was as if no one had read the email, and towards the end of it I was told to contact Samsung service (instead of Samsung support). Ok, not much I can do but to contact them. Sent the same email with the picture and receipt attached. Samsung service responds, telling me if I want them to look at the picture I’ll have to accept an invoice of £50. Does this sound reasonable to anyone? It sounds insane to me. £50 to look at a picture, when I have paid £1100 for one of their products which has broken far earlier than you would expect it to.

I refused, of course. At this point I would have rather purchased a whole new TV of a different brand than handing Samsung another cent. So that’s what I did, and now I sit here with an LG model which looks and sounds incredible in comparison, and doesn’t require proprietary cables or boxes. Hope it doesn’t break down in three years…

Don’t purchase Samsung products, people.

Historically, Samsung have shipped TVs with terrible speakers so that they can try to sell you a sound system to go with it.

Which LG model did you get?

The speakers on the three Samsung models I have had have all been atrocious, so perhaps you’re onto something. I used to think most TV speakers were dreadful now that screen area is close to 100% and the TV being mounted on the wall, but this LG model has quite a decent set of speakers.

The LG A1. It had decent reviews on rtings for watching movies, which is what I value the most. The C1 is perhaps a tad better, but after the having the Samsung model die on me so soon, I’m a bit cautious and didn’t want to spend the extra sum in case this one would die too.

If that’s a smart TV its likely board issues. Most smart TVs are absolute trash boards to make a cheep selling point. I’d bet a board failure if new cables doesn’t help.

Avoid Smart TVs if you can and if possible and you don’t need TV functions just get a big monitor with a remote as they will likely drastically out live and out perform a TV

Yup. I have an LG OLED TV & the speakers are good enough for me not to consider getting a separate sound system. Strangely, Samsung TVs didn’t always used to be this way. Back in 2005, I had a Samsung LCD TV with pretty decent speakers. My old 2011ish Panasonic LED TV had pretty decent speakers too. Can’t vouch for any new models other than LG though.

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Show me a 65" monitor with a decent panel for under €1500. I don’t think these exist on a consumer level.

Wow 65" very nice. Mine is only 43" LG and is not a smart tv either.

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Thats why i said “if you can” :rofl:

Best bet at 65" would be the Nvidia BFGD displays but theyre few and fairly pricey

Unfortunately I am not among those who can justify spending €3000+ on a monitor. But I agree with you, if there was a monitor in a similar price range to modern tvs, I would pick that in a heart beat.

Any burn in on yours yet? Having never had an oled panel before, I’m a bit curious how overblown the whole burn in issue is. For example, if I’m watching something in a different format there would be two sections of the screen with constant black bars, now presumably these pixels are still lit up, so would this cause burn in?

Yup. Got it replaced under warranty. I was super cautious too. Apparently, many were miscalibrated at the factory, like mine (OLED55B7V). The burn I got was weird and didn’t align with anything I used the TV for. The newer models aggressively reduce the brightness of white regions of the screen if they detect that they don’t change. Replacement was an OLED55B16LA.