Any Web Search Spider?

Several years ago I used a windoze app called “Subject Search Spider” by a company called Krylof/KrylTech.

It simply searches the web, get results related to my search term from search results (reading say top 10 search results, following links in each down to a certain level, summarizing) then it returns to me a report in a readable text as if I manually read all search results and the links within each search result, and copied and summarised relevant text. Here is a google search about this app.

I tried to find something similar in Linux, but couldn’t.

Anybody knows anything similar?
I do not mind using more than one app if I end up with same result. Say an app to crawl search results to a certain depth and returns the text to human readable file, and another to summarise and extracted information relevant/related to my search terms. So I end up with a text report summarising the topic not a spreadsheet with info about products, who sells them, at what price.

As far as I know in Linux there are all the building blocks of such an app, but I do not really know how to. I hope there is a Linux alternative to this app.

P.S. Most I found was like retrieving structured data or building databases of structured data. Not really free text sumarization as if you would do it yourself manually.

Any feed back highly appreciated.