Any recommendation for a decent 24" non-gaming 1080p monitor?

The display is going to be used as a second/third monitor, so it doesn’t have be stellar, but I want some decent colors (moving a window over from the main monitor shouldn’t look like you entered a foggy twilight zone).

Every immediate upsell seems to be a) gaming related (100+ Hz panels), b) other ports (like USB-3/c) or c) elaborated stands. I don’t care about any of those, I would rather throw some money onto a better 60fps panel.

Honestly - if you’re not gaming/video editing- I’d just get something cheap used.

I just sold 3x 24" Acer monitors on offerup recently for $60 total. Tons and tons of monitors for like $20-30 available if you just need a decent monitor.

I’m selling a 32" today for $80

That was my first idea too. I’m looking into the used market for two weeks now, but everything is either crap or 7+ years quality

So instead of buying something for 50 bucks in an unknown state with a failing background LED in two years I would rather spend 150 bucks now and get something decent that lasts a few years.

One idea is to buy a bigger 4k TV, for example 40-50 inches. Then you might not need those other monitors (maybe).

I’m using a Samsung 43 inch TV and I’m very pleased with it. Bought it as new a couple of years ago, and it wasn’t overly expensive either. And now such TVs are even cheaper.



Very gentle on the eyes. I gave it to my wife. I have the 22 :blush:

I’ve gotten monitors at thrift stores that were still serviceable. Just need to appropriate adapters.

I’ve been happy with BenQ (w/EyeCare) so far - check around. They seem to be above the expected quality for the price points…

Acer SA241Y 24" FHD IPS Ultra-Thin 3 side Borderless Monitor

23.8IN 1920x1080P Resolution
3 side Borderless IPS Panel
100Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms Response time
AMD FreeSync Technology
Ultra-Thin Design

Very good specs for reasonable Cdn dollar amount. $159.98 (Walmart)