Any Music Creators Out There? Let's Hear Your Stuff!

Here’s something from me I recorded in 2018. I used samples from a 1978 episode of American television series “The Rockford Files.” It was supposed to be a futuristic episode dealing with privacy and your information going public. Science fiction in 1978. Just another day in 2024.


Hell yeah…but i never mix my identities for privacy, so i won’t share any of that! :upside_down_face:


I used a lot of Star Trek: TNG samples for this one. From Season 5, episode 9 “A Matter Of Time” (1991)

This is groovy as hell, I love how the beat puts the samples into place. That guitar lick is awesome, too.

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We just released this kind of experimental EP. I just did bass + one of the songs started as something I made for FAWM last year.

Here’s some of the chaos I made last month on my own, using my Circuit and MicroFreak:


Thanks so much!

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From rock and punk to electronic experimental. Those are great! And I’m a sucker for experimental.

*Followed your band on Bandcamp and you on Soundcloud.

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Speaking of experimental

Cannabis Adderley is the alter-ego to Hallucination Layer. A one-off project I did a few years ago.