Any Lottery Winners Out There?

Anyone here managed to get a magical unicorn 6800/6800XT for their rig?

No…i just have the RX590 paired to the Ryzen 7 3800X + 32 GB Memory. Maybe next one is 5600XT or 5700XT as the prices are just too high on the latest and greatest!

I just upgraded to a 5600xt for pretty cheap (buddy got rid of his desktop and parted it out). Definitely happy after upgrading from a RX580. 3700X + 32 GB memory, so overall very similar systems.

I rebuilt my system last year from a 2600k to a 3700X, but held on to my 980Ti waiting for the 3000 series to drop… well the 980 decided to die in december so I bought a 1650 Super to hold me over until the new cards and then the world discovered the magic of the year 2020 lol

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