Another review of EndeavourOS

This review is on LinuxInsider as of today. It is an excellent read I have to say.

Ha! I’m a poet and didn’t know it! :slight_smile:


Great article. And I think very spot on. This is a truly special distro. Other than Arch proper, this may be best piece of LInux I’ve ever used. Please don’t change on the cry of (a few) people - especially new people wanting to make it something it’s not. Change can be good, but it would dilute what this distro truly is. These people may not be here yet, but with more popularity, it will eventually get here. Thank you for truly bringing “Arch” to the masses. I’m absolutely impressed myself. I see this as being for the ambitious beginner or intermediate user, and it fills a void that is not regularly fulfilled by any distro, not just Arch based. There’s lots of beginner distros where EVERYTHING is installed, or almost a Windows of Linux per se. Here you can still learn, but still be very much in control of your own computer. Great job, and I tend to agree, probably the best Arch linux option (that’s not actually Arch).


Touches on the reason that I came to Endeavour… supporting the latest nvidia graphics cards.

Was really appreciated as I’d wanted to get into an Arch based distro.


Wow! A great review. It must be - I agree with everything it said! :smile: Now - all we do is await the arrival of some more like-minded people - and continue on the path already set…


To me who started with Antergos and now sailing with Endeavouros, the most valuable asset is the community and its attitude.
Super helpful, non-judgemental and most welcoming.
Not a criticism of the article but I felt that wasn’t highlighted - not entirely surprising since one has to spend time in the forums to realise this.
Hats off to @Bryanpwo, @joekamprad, @fernandomaroto, @manuel and the team for enabling this great experience.


I agree that is of great importance. The review didn’t make a lot out of that, but it IS mentioned in passing…

It promises to provide a nontoxic community environment
 where users actually can get friendly technical help.

which actually says quite a bit for those who have been looking over the Arch forums! Hopefully that is enough of a reference to get people here to look.


That’s good to see Endeavour getting some appreciation


I thought that not having access to the Arch forums might be a disadvantage, but I’ve been really impressed by the patience of people that have helped me here.


In total agreement. Since using Linux since Mint 8 all the way through 19.2 I think this is the best that I’ve used so far

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I’m glad there are already several reviews about EOS. I think I’m in a good place here.



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I absolutely agree with what everyone else has said here. This distro has truly made me stop hopping from one distro to another. It’s nice to see what other distros are doing - but I’m not tempted to jump to those distros. This one fits my needs very nicely.

As for the forum atmosphere here: you can thank the founders of EndeavourOS for being so very hawkish (and setting the example). I’ve been burned quite harshly on other distros forums over the years (and yes I’m as guilty as others for not thinking before typing and clicking Reply). I’m not in the mood to do that anymore (it’s not worth it). I find that it’s easier to help people than to ‘tear down’ people - you meet more friends that way. I guess that’s the Canadian coming out in me. Plus I’m nearing the half way point to 100 years old - so that might have something to do with my frame of mind also. Who needs Rice Crispies to hear ‘Snap, Crackle, Pop’? I hear that every time I arise! :wink: