Another Detailed EnOS Review


This includes basic drivers for sound, network, graphics, as well as Yay support and a terminally operated AUR helper.

EndeavourOS uses AUR (Arch User Repository), Arch’s official software repository.

With EndeavourOS, Snap and Flatpak need to be installed separately – the distro only comes with AUR.

Based on this wording, I don’t think the reviewer knows what he is talking about, at least when it comes to the AUR.


Advanced Arch users help out newcomers.

Nice! They called me a newcomer!

But seriously, that’s a pretty decent review.


It’s not a bad review, but for someone who understands more than the reviewer, well…umm…yeah, there are issues in his limited knowledge. Then again, if we don’t need to read a review about it, why are we (lol)?


That much is sure. We’re not really trying to be a distro for beginners/newcomers.

I can’t fathom there are many of us with any interest what so ever in snaps. And the distro only comes with the aur? What more do you need really?!

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That’s because he doesn’t even understand what the AUR is :slight_smile:

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Access to the AUR is one of the main reason’s. Without it ? What are you going to do? Snaps? Flatpaks? Nope! Never… :astonished:


I think the author is confusing AUR with the official Arch repos, which probably means they have never used Arch.

None of the reviews I’ve read so far have accurately described what EndOS is, a simplified way to install a minimal Arch Linux system.


EndeavourOS uses AUR (Arch User Repository), Arch’s official software repository. Manjaro doesn’t use AUR by default and instead has its own repository. This is to ensure software packages and system updates are thoroughly tested for full compatibility.

Referring to the sentence about Manjaro I have put in bold here : Is guess its not possible to “disable” AUR. (that doesn’t even make sense imo).

Maybe what the writer meant was that Manjaro uses its own repo instead of Arch Linux repos.

Am I interpreting it right? (never used Manajro more than their live ISO)

AUR isn’t even “official” I suppose.

This is the issue probably :point_down:

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Also, while describing the install process and the Welcome app:

It is recommended that you click on “Update this app!” before going ahead with the installation. Also, make sure to click on “Update Mirrors” as well. It will help with a faster installation and also decrease the possibility of a failed install.


That’s why you’ve got to get rid of that button.


And they keep saying this is a beginner distro. . . When is been pretty much unanimously agreed it’s not and has but been promoted towards beginners necessarily. I mean there’s no saying beginners can’t use it, I just don’t want a flood of folks coming and expecting to download and have everything just done for you.

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Yeah, I don’t know an arch based distro that I would say is for the average beginner. Certainly it is suitable for those that want to dig in and learn, but it is not easy for the uninitiated.

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