Android phone - keep triggering brightness

I’ll stick this in the lounge it is not EnOS related. I have a cheap Honor phone. My ear keeps catching the notification drawer, in which there is a brightness control and reducing the brightness level to zero.

First time it happened I was out with a colleague in her car, delivering vaccination kits, I was ringing ahead and getting people to meet me and thought it had died :frowning: It was a sunny day and couldn’t see anything on the screen.

I have had to enable the Google assistant, after working out it has the ability to increase the brightness.

Grateful for any ideas or work-a-rounds, but have been through every setting and tried touch lock lite so far.

Search full notification drawer / display settings for auto-brightness setting or alike, it must have been enabled.

Found that, thought turning it on would help, but it didn’t. The problem is being bounced around in a car I think :frowning:

May have found a work-a-round, still testing, but:

The widget in the top right corner - have set three brightness level. Tap widget to change brightness.

So far, so good, but I am sat on a settee watching the first NRL match, (PS to all our antipodean friends it is Rugby League not “Footie”).

The problem with my internet foo is the words involved are just too common - lock, notifications brightness etc.

Turning it off

When it’s on it’s kinda reacting to ambient light, but you know if sensor is not good - it’s just making things worse.

It was off, but the brightness slider in the drawer just overrides it.

Which apparently you can remove on a ridiculously expensive Samsung :smiley:

Might buy a PinePhone next.

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Good thinking! :laughing:

Better that one though, for full control:

btw if you have more time to research / tinker - just try to flash your cheap Honor with:

If it’s capable of course.

TBH most of the year, I use it as a music and audiobook player and to browse the web on the bus. But I have in excess of 50 nurses trained as vaccinators, who are working late, early and weekends. They all have my number for emergencies. So I am using it a lot.

The rest of the year, hardly at all :smiley:

I looked into LineageOS can’t find any instructions to root :frowning:

This is the phone:

Yeah…looks like it’s not officially supported yet (judging by download ROM section)

@keybreak installed a couple of apps from the store, one called swipe-in has the unexpected side effect of setting the brightness at full and I can’t change it with slider :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A bug that has a good effect…


It’s not a bug it’s a feature :innocent: