And, we are moving to Series 5 LTS

Linux-lts 5.4.18-1 is out!
How is your experience?

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nothing special. Except of a flaw in glibc is everything fine.

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No issues. Very happy. I haven’t been able to boot the 4.19 lts since I think .50? It’s a kernal bug on amd vega 56/64 desktop cards. :+1:

With this new lts-kernel i don’t see a reason for using kernel 5.5. But i have old hardware, so i guess it makes no difference.

I am still in 4.19. How to install the new LTS?

update your mirrorlist … and run sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg after updating…

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I done all that. Still the same

So you are saying you had the old lts kenel 4.19 installed and then updated and still have 4.19?


Odd. Well according to the arch wiki the latest LTS is 5.4.19-1. Sorry for being naive are you sure you are reading the output correctly?

Sorry my mistake. I have now update my mirrors correctly and now the update came. All good. Sorry for the mess

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