An issue with the keyboard: keys need to be held for a character to appear

Hey all!

Recently, i’ve started to have some strange keyboard issues. My Blade keyboard (shows up as Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0416:b23c Winbond Electronics Corp. Gaming Keyboard in lsusb) sometimes would bug and would not let me type properly, each key had to be held for about 2 seconds before the first character would appear, and as it was held, it would put out characters inconsistently.

Sometimes it would bug out in a different way and no keys at ALL would work, except all the modifier keys and super.

Both of those bugs appear to be software-related, as all of them were fixed by a simple reboot. Both of them seemed to occur a lot more frequently on a wayland session, whilst also appearing on x11, although very seldom compared to wayland.

I have not tried anything yet, as i have no idea what could be the root cause of this.

If you think so, you should confirm your assumption by trying another keyboard (hardware).

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Firstly, open terminal and enter :

sudo libinput debug-events

And then press the keys which are troubling you. This will help us to see something about what’s going on there !


I forgot whether or not i actually have another keyboard, but if i find an old one, i’ll make sure to try, thanks!

For now i cannot provide any info, as my keyboard is working fine, but when it breaks, i’ll post here again if the command outputs something of value, thanks for your response!

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If you manage to reproduce that issue on regular basis, then you can also use :

journalctl --follow

And then reproduce it. And sharing its output will provide what’s going on there.

This probably points to a dirty, or failing hardware. Just saying… :wink:

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Isn’t exactly the most optimistic viewpoint, but i valid one, i’ll clean it thoroughly (with the hope that i can put it back together :smile:)

Yeah, the keyboard may need cleaning. Maybe with a vacuum, with low power?

Will do, thanks!

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