An extra pair of hands needed with development

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We need support for the development of the EndeavourOS installer.
Therefore, we would be glad if those of you who are familiar with python, bash Linux and Archlinux help to speed up the work on the installer itself (Calamares/ CNCHI / FENIX) and the LiveISO itself.

We have found that the amount of work can not be done by us alone and there is a need to cope with tasks in the field of the organization that require some time and effort so that @Bryanpwo and me ( @joekamprad ) are not fully available for all the development itself.

If you want to help on EndeavourOS development of the first release and may upcoming releases simple join at Github:

Get knowledge about what needs to be done:

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I do hope the publicity for EndeavourOS that I have been noticing online will attract the attention of those extra hands.

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We too, we got more visitors and members thanks to the attention.