I note that all the amdgpu-pro drivers are “Flagged out of date (2020-01-05)” in AUR (even proprietary drivers) but there are no new drivers. I have just installed an RX580 (nothin’ special - purposely chosen because I assumed by now it would get supported - released 2017) to replace my faulty Nvidia. It’s GCN 4 technology so I don’t want to use Catalyst.

Any advice? Should I just go ahead and install the out of data drivers?


I think the amdgpu is built into the kernel and will install. I also have a brand new RX590 for a new system not built yet with Ryzen 7 3800X. Just waiting to get it put together.


@richlinux You are right, the basic driver works fine, but I don’t get any HMI for configuration. I was hoping amdgpu-pro would provide that.

What are you referring to HMI? Are you meaning a settings app?

I may look at these when i install my RX590. I’m not sure if they work for these cards or not? But i will look at some stuff when i get there. Maybe it’s for older Radeon cards? That’s what it kind of looks like just browsing it.

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Showing my age. Yes, “app” :blush: Thanks for those links, they look good, I may try them this weekend. I will also have a go with the “Flagged out of date” drivers, I guess it can’t do any harm. I can always use the cli to remove them.

I don’t know if these packages work on the RX580 or not i just happened to browse at them rather quickly. I would read up on what ever you are looking at and do some research just so you don’t mess things up. :thinking:

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