AMD rx6700xt launch info

Official release

Hardware unboxed

Gamer’s Nexus

MSRP (if you can find one): 480 USD

Launch date :

Target market : Ultra 1440p gaming

First party benchmark results


Can’t wait to get one… in 2022 :rofl:

Thanks for sharing. :+1:t3:


The price they mentioned for this card is reasonable but lets see what the retailers advertise them at! :thinking:

Probably $1200usd :rofl:

These prices are crazy… Msrp should be 50 bucks lower too.

This was the card I was going to get to replace my 1070. Now I’m not so sure it’s worth the upgrade.


Not at a 50% markup, video card prices are crazy right now.

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Consumer buying power is the same as the gtx 1070 days but if you consider inflation the prices are spot on.

For the MSRP, at least. :smiley: Those cards will probably be like 700 eur where I live.