AMD Radeon RX6600 XT

I just got a new PC with Radeon RX 6600 XT graphics card and I intend using it to play Steam games.
I have a fresh EndeavourOS Plasma install but am wondering what I need to download in addition.
I’ve read the Gaming Guide but am still a little lost. Sorry.
As far as radeon goes is all I need already installed with the new EnOS installation?
Some kind of control centre like the one I had with Nvidia?
Vulkan: if so what?
Mesa: what is this?
Sorry for being a bit vague but I never had an AMD graphics card with my EndeavourOS before yesterday.
When I go to install Steam I get asked this: There are 5 providers available for vulkan-driver:
:: Repository extra

  1. amdvlk 2) nvidia-utils 3) vulkan-intel 4) vulkan-radeon 5) vulkan-swrast Thanks in advance for any help.
    Do I choose 1 or 4?
    I ran these commands to see if I could find stuff out but I’m none the wiser.
[jon@jon-tornadoa5x ~]$ find /dev -group video
[jon@jon-tornadoa5x ~]$ lspci | grep
Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERNS [FILE]...
Try 'grep --help' for more information.
[jon@jon-tornadoa5x ~]$ glxinfo | grep -i vendor
server glx vendor string: SGI
client glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGI
    Vendor: AMD (0x1002)
OpenGL vendor string: AMD
[jon@jon-tornadoa5x ~]$ 

This is how I’m working with this card, this method will use the AMDGPU (already installed by default) and RADV (vulkan)
Note that there are other drivers that you can use, like AMDGPU PRO
The same can be said about vulkan, there is also AMDVLK

To get firefox 96 hardware acceleration in Firefox/MPV, including H264/VP9/AV1:

# pacman -S libva-utils
# pacman -S libva-mesa-driver
# pacman -S libvdpau-va-gl   (translation layer) - VDPAU driver with OpenGL/VAAPI backend. H.264 only.
# pacman -S libva-vdpau-driver (translation layer) - A VDPAU-based backend for VA-API

To play games:


To play games:

  • Install Vulkan



Note: This is not necessarily the better way of doing it, its just how I did and now I’m sharing with you.

Useful links:

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1 for AMDVLK, 4 for RADV.

The Mesa implementation (vulkan-radeon) seems to be superior:

There is corectrl


1 is AMD’s version of vulkan. 4 is the standard vulkan-radeon I would use vulkan-radeon unless there is a specific case or reason for amdvlk at least to start with. amdvlk is the opensource driver for vulkan

The only packages I install to use steam are:
steam NOT native
vulkan-radeon-works better for newer titles and the assosiated lib so in your example hit 4 for both.
gamemode-optional but can be helpful for certain titles and issues.


I personally use mesa-git, but you might run into bugs as it is a developer package. The pros of it is a lot of games are playable on day 1 like cyberpunk 2077, age of empires iv and more. I usually suggest mesa for a good experience which would be 4 in your case, it performs better than AMDVLK generally.

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Thank you :smiley:

Thanks Elloquin :smiley:

Thanks folks for your help. My sparkly new PC is now doing the do!


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