AMD Launches new RX 6600 XT

Finally a reasonably priced card. Wonder when we’ll see any?

Sorry, but in 2021 paying that amount for a 1080p GPU, I wouldn’t call that reasonabe. Taking in account the mining craze, maybe.
But no. Sorry, will hold on my RX580 with a 256 bit interface and 8 GB for much longer. And it was priced way less. Way, way less.
I got my RX580 for free, to clear things out.
But from a normal customer POW, the GPU prices are abnormal nowadays.

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Well for people looking for a decent card that don’t have one this is a good choice.

Edit: I have the RX 590 8 GB and it’s a great card. But these cards won’t be available so all I’m saying is that if you look at the cards that are being sold this one comes in reasonable compared to a lot of others based on the specs. Especially for those who don’t want an Nvidia.


It actually doesn’t matter right now because AMD-GPU is a mess right now for new cards.out of three kernels the only one that boots is the lts. linux causes light dm to fail and zen hangs at a cursor.

Mine RX 590 is working but i have noticed graphics issues. Especially on Qemu.

I have this cards older brother (RX 5600XT) and while I’d love to upgrade (it’s honestly a pretty large jump in performance for a single generation of the same level), there’s NO WAY I’d pay ANYWHERE close to that price. I paid $200 for my 5600XT to replace the older RX580 8GB (I just couldn’t deal with the amount of heat that thing produced anymore) and while that was a very good deal at the time, it wasn’t like EARTH SHATTERING good deal.

Now, the APU(s) that may or may not be coming with Zen3 + RDNA1…that I am very interested in seeing. Doubly if they do as many RDNA cores as the integrated Zen currently. I like my Zen laptops, but moving forward is nice.

If you only paid $200 you got a really good deal. Was this new? What brand of card is it?

It’s the Powercolor (so absolutely stock reference AMD) 5600XT, not any of their “red dragon” or anything. It was used, but I actually knew the person who bought it new and they only used it for like 6 months and the most stressful thing it did was World of WArcraft, then they switched to a laptop to save space at their desk.

Even considering it was used i don’t think it was a bad deal. Obviously i wouldn’t recommend someone upgrade to this RX 6600 XT. I’m just saying it’s a reasonably sane price for what it is. It supposedly is better than the Nvidia 3060 but i guess well see and they aren’t cheap either.

It will be nice to see the same thing that happened with the RX 580 and Etherium (after they became inefficient for mining they were selling for 50/60$ lol).

200$ for RTX 3070 anyone? :rofl:

I’ll take the 6600XT for $200, but I won’t pay actual money for anything Nvidia. Dealing with the Nvidia drivers and Nvidia limitations drives me batty.

Well i don’t think you’re going to get any RX 6600XT for $200. Sorry, that’s not happening. I have the RX590 and i didn’t over pay for it. I paid the normal Canadian retail price as set by the manufacturer. It was almost 2.5 times that plus tax. I don’t buy any video card for over the retail price set by the manufacturer and usually try to get a sale. But that was before and now supply is dried up or 3x the retail price if you can even get it. So no i’m doing without! Not worth it!

Unfortunately I was in the opposite situation where AMD has had a known issue with VFIO for years that they only fixed in the 6xxx series. Currently I’m running a NVIDIA card as a result. Though I’ve got my eye on what the RDNA3 cards will be like.