AMD GPU reducing to 0FPS and extrememely high frame time on game Launch

Not sure the best way to present this issue but here it goes:

I have a 7900xt and a few games that others have no issues with (per protondb) will drop to 0fps and insanely high frame time right after splash screens. This card works just fine for most titles; so far I have only experienced this in Fallout 76, Abiotic Factor, & when tinkering to get the Pax Dei alpha test working on lutris.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the mangohud read out.

I assume this is too vague, if anyone can decipher what I’m experiencing and point me in a direction I would appreciate it.

what do you use amdvlk or radeon-vulkan and their 32bit parts

i use vulkan-radeon and the lib32 cointerparts.

I forgot to update this post! Games appeared to be randomly deciding to use integrated graphics over my discrete GPU. I fixed this by disabling iGPU in bios/uefi.

I had problems wit some games on vulkan-radeon, installed amdvlk and lib32-amdvlk and no probs, I have tuf A16 with amd 680/7600s gpus, vulkan radron would only use igpu, no problems with amdvlk, try and let me know your experience.

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