Amazon Kindle Anybody?

Hi all,
Hi @xircon
I know this is not EndeavourOS related. not even Linux related, but as I feel at home here with friends and brothers, I just thought to ask (and to let you know)
I received my Kindle Oasis – With 7”
like 48 hours ago. I couldn’t resist.
To my surprise the 7" size is OK with me.
This is my first ever ebook reader and enjoying it. (not much complains). Enjoying the feature of emailing my books, papers, PDFs to get get it converted and downloaded to my Kindle.

Just curious, would the PDFs I emailed for conversion remain there with amazon? If I lost my Kindle and bought a new one, can I still use same account and get my documents back on the new Kindle? How long is it stored there? What is the storage size? (I can remove from my device ONLY but not from my account as far as I understand)

Any hints appreciated.
I do not know if it is only me. The books/papers I read have figures/tables, they do not display as tables when I get them?! Anything to do about it if any? (I email the PDFs to my Kindle email for conversion.)

No idea, I have a kobo.

Have you tried converting them in calibre instead of emailing them? If you can share a sample PDF I can test on my device and see what they look like.

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I did with some books.
Then I thought maybe something related to my Calibre or configuration, so I thought to email it and let the people behind it do it for me (and to try everything about it). Got same result.

It is a nice reader. I was very interested in the one with a 10" screen but it is a bit expensive.

Yes. If you look at your Amazon account, you should see them under “Content & Devices” in the “Docs” category.

Depending on the Kindle, they’ll likely show up along side of your purchased books. Otherwise, there will be a special documents category.

Thanks @jruschme
Any storage or time limit?
Any “expert” suggestions to get the most out of the device and out of Amazon?

I am also curious about e-readers. Can you add comments and highlight PDFs and send to someone?

Amazon kindle does keep track of highlights on their servers and lets you know how many people highlight the same sentence/phrase/word. Kindle is also linked to platforms like Goodreads, so if you highlight something and add a comment, it will appear on your goodreads feeds if that feature is enabled.

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I am looking to export the comments and highlights, so that anyone with adobe reader or PDF viewer can be sent the document. Basically outside the kindle ecosystem if possible.

I don’t know much about e-readers, I have never used them but am thinking that it could be great to read books and perhaps also do so editing/commenting on PDFs ideally. For me tablets have too many features and may prefer e-readers because of longer battery life and less eye strain for reading.

Ah, I see. If you are using the android version of kindle, then there is a feature called “export notebook.” It lets you export everything inside your notebook (highlights, comments) in html format. I’m not sure if this is available on IOS, though.

Right now using it on my phone but screen is small. Have an older iPad though lying around. Maybe good to try kindle with PDFs to check how that works. I guess that many of these e-readers are locked into some kind of ecosystem to buy the books.

E-paper readers are easy on the eyes and great for reading. But that is about all they are good for.

I can’t imagine using one to make comments.

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Unfortunately, yes.

If you are looking for an e-book reader for your android phone or tablet, then I highly recommend a marvelous application called ReadEra. Best e-reader in my opinion.

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Yup. I own a Kindle Oasis, and the on-screen keyboard is slow as hell. Very unresponsive.

Didn’t consider that… But some of them come with a stylus, perhaps possible to annotate handwritten. That maybe handy. Although my writing is difficult to read :sweat_smile:

Kobo readers run linux and have some nice applications written for them. I would look into theirs as while I don’t use PDFs on mine they’re likely one of your best bets

Kobo e readers have kobo as the main store but you can put any books you want on them or use your local library if they support ebooks. If they support Overdrive you can checkout books online from your library.

kobo elipsa has a stylus, runs linux, supports PDF, and if it doesnt come with a feature its likely the community has added it if they can.

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I believe it is possible. But PDFs do not display well (for me), too small.

I do not think so. At least I did not find a way to do it.

This is the point why I got one.

This summarises the whole thing.
Ebook readers are good for nothing but just reading.

My 48 hours experience 3/4 of them reading:

  • PDFs are not that good on the reader, better convert to their own format.
  • You can’t do much as you do if you are reading on a tablet (Android/Apple), you just read no more.
  • the only con for now, as I read books and papers that have tables and charts, tables display as free flowing text not as tables. This is a huge con for me. But still I can figure out what the table “says”
  • it is much easier to read on the ebook reader than reading on a tablet or laptop. I can read outdoors, even with direct sun on the screen.
  • it seems a bit slow/unresponsive sometimes, but flipping pages is OK.

I hope someday we can have tablets (android/Apple) with such screens, coloured, responsive…

This is more an issue of how e ink displays work. There really isnt much way around it and is one of their biggest strengths and draw backs. Is a wonderful technology but the reason its mostly used in e readers is that it being slow isnt as big an issue. It has actual pigment in each pixel which is moved by an electric field which can only happen so fast.

android tablets with color eink displays exist…but not responsive. The way e ink works you really cant make it responsive, its just not in the technology. Theyve done wonders to increase its refresh speed over the years to what it is now, but youd be hard pressed to get it anywhere near an LCD/OLED panel. There are even e ink android phones which if i could i would have one in a heart beat as i care about making phone calls and battery life most in my phone with just a few applications that i use not needing high refresh rate.

EDIT: Hisense A5 Pro (CC), if this worked in the states and could not have hisense software on it id use it

or the very expensive DASUNG Eink monitor ive wanted for ages