Am I "stuck" in a Snapshot ?!

I use Timeshift and did restore a previous snapshot from choosing it in the Grub menu and then restoring it from the Timleshift program menu.

My question is did I did it right, as now if I try to update using pacman -Syu i get /var/lib/pacman/db.lck error message, I get Timeshift launching itself automatically on startup, and if I run

$ findmnt -nt btrfs
/      /dev/mapper/luks-58b599e1-b00f-4a1a-8a1c-b2f2366ecbcf[/timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-10-22_02-13-34/@]
β”‚                                                                                     btrfs  rw,noat
β”‚      /dev/mapper/luks-58b599e1-b00f-4a1a-8a1c-b2f2366ecbcf                          btrfs  rw,rela
β”‚      /dev/mapper/luks-58b599e1-b00f-4a1a-8a1c-b2f2366ecbcf[/@swap]                  btrfs  rw,rela
β”‚      /dev/mapper/luks-58b599e1-b00f-4a1a-8a1c-b2f2366ecbcf[/@log]                   btrfs  rw,noat
β”‚      /dev/mapper/luks-58b599e1-b00f-4a1a-8a1c-b2f2366ecbcf[/@home]                  btrfs  rw,noat
       /dev/mapper/luks-58b599e1-b00f-4a1a-8a1c-b2f2366ecbcf[/@cache]                 btrfs  rw,noat
       /dev/mapper/luks-58b599e1-b00f-4a1a-8a1c-b2f2366ecbcf[/@var-cache-pacman-pkg]  btrfs  rw,noat

Did I β€œrestore” my system right ?

Cheers !

Did you reboot your system after having restored a previous snapshot?
You would need to choose the β€œregular” boot option from Grub menu then to boot into the restored system.

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I did indeed yes, I rebooted after restoring and chose the β€œregular” option in grub :confused:

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If you use grub-btrfs, boot off a read-write snapshot and then do some activity that triggers grub-mkconfig to run, this will happen.

I would manually edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg to have the right path. Reboot and then run grub-mkconfig again.


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