Alternative donation options?

Untill we made a final decision, I’ve opened a PayPal account to donate also, for the time being.

I’m located in Colorado, USA and I tried to send a donation from your PayPal link on the web site. It brought up a PayPal Pool with your name, EndeavourOS, etc. I don’t think it worked because PayPal has not yet notified me of the transaction, which is normally almost instantaneos. It might be the Euro to USD conversion?

I’m curious as to whether it worked or not.

California, USA here. Also curious about payments reaching the EndeavourOS project.

Thank you first of all for your intention to donate, your transaction didn’t work, there was no activity on the PayPal pool.

I’m going to look for a solution, today. If your transaction later this day, it’s early in the morning over here, I’ll notify you of course.
Thank you for the information.

There was nothing taken from your account, the Paypal account was set only for in the EU. I removed it now, since Leetchi is doing the same.
I will come up with a donation channel that also works outside the EU, very soon. (In case you’re wondering, it isn’t a case of just filling in forms and open an account. I applied to one and the project has to get approved.)

Any update on accepting PayPal or something that is easier for those of us in the USA?

Not yet, I received Friday a request to submit some papers for the approval, it’s a foundation that also will handle international taxes for us, that’s the reason why it takes so long. Otherwise we have to do it ourselves and every country has different rules.

Sounds good, thanks for the update!

+1 to this, I can’t even get the current donation page to display in English… :confused:

Due to european restrictions leetchi can not take donations from outside europe, they do not communicate this to us. Language settings are on the bottom of the page.
We will ditch leetchi when the other is up and running.

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In Switzerland Leetschi donations works, but doesn’t have a ***** reputation. So that an alkternative to leetschi would be great.

We’re working on another donation system.

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I’m keeping updated on this as well. Texas in the house. Thanks again for all of yalls help and all that yall do.

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I also want to donate, and I live in the United States (Tennessee). I’d love to see the PayPal option work. Please let us know when it becomes available. I’ve never felt compelled to donate to a distro before, but EOS is definitely worth the funding.



Yet another chime in from the US - interested in contributing to your project. I regularly donate to Mint, which is based in France (I think). They have a top notch donation platform. It utilizes Paypal, credit cards, Patreon, and even crypto. One can click on either U.S. dollars or Euros. Of all of those methods, I find Paypal to be the simplest. Anyway, yes, will continue to check back on donation possibilities. Enjoying the distro.

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As we are residents inside Europe it is a bit more complicated, to get donations from out of EU working. The rules here are so complicated that most services simple do not offer to ship donations from outside EU inside EU

Understood - didn’t mean my comment as a criticism, but just an f.y.i. Perhaps Clem Lefebvre, project leader for LInuxmint, could offer some information on what they had to do to implement their donation system, they also being based in Europe. I don’t doubt it involves hurdles - especially with the economic roller coaster of both Europe and the U.S. the last few years. I’ve run into hurdles with Manjaro (Germany) and ArcoLinux (Belgium) as well, as they seem to only accept Euros. This is bound to make a significant difference with the bottom line. The Mint folks do a monthly listing of donors and their country of origin, and U.S. donations constitute a large plurality. Anyway, if/when you can find a way to make donations possible outside Europe I’ll be glad to contribute. I’m enthusiastic about the possibiities of your new distro offering, and hope that it will succeed - just want to contribute to that end.

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Thanks for this, we do already start on the issue but it needs some time to get into the state to be save here, it is not about that we do not know how to do it.

I agree with this too. If Mint is doing it then. Would also like to see pay pal or something for outside Europe.