All things GrapheneOS

It’s not even right to compare LOS with GrapheneOS.

They are not on the same mission, and both have fundamentally different reasons for existing.

I prefer GrapheneOS

Yeah, but that was not the question here - the question was about the updated, compared to LOS. And regarding to this specific topic a comparision is quite easy said and done.

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I can’t help it. When I see both OS’ mentioned in the same breath, I subconsciously spew the following:


I never tried GrapheneOS but with LineageOS on my Oneplus 8 updates are weekly with a push of a button. Just looking a head as I’m looking to get a Pixel 7.
Thanks for all the info folks.

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Unless Graphene disappears, I’m probably never changing. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Fully understood and mostly agreed. I should have stated that in my first post. gOS all the way. Period.

Yeah, as long as you have a official build everything is fine, but this can change from one day to another - because too few maintainers. Although this was true for gOS for quite a while, it is not anymore. And on top of that Daniel Macay was never a quitter - one may like him or not, but no one can argue about his dedication to the “mission”. And now as he is stepping more into the background gOS looks better than ever.

Also this.

For navigation, I use TomTom AmiGo. Tried Magic Earth and every privacy/open-source alternative under the sun, and they simply do not meet my needs or are not suitable for me. Plus, I wanted one that has my native language as a voice-TTS option.

It is highly subjective to your region, however, since the quality provided can differ from region-to-region.

edit: also have a decent experience with Sygic.

With the last update, Graphene got sand boxed Android Auto working now. FYI


I’ve been using it for a month now I can confirm it works great.