All Apps For All Desktop Environments Are Showing?

Sorry, I am new here. I tried to google and search and did not find an answer. It seems no matter which desktop environment I choose (I prefer to use Deepin) all the applications from each desktop environment is available. So like all the settings from KDE and Gnome, or terminals from all three. Is there a way to make it so that the KDE specific apps only show when KDE is open, or all the Deepin specific are available only when Deepin is being used etc.? A bit confusing.

Let me know if you need more information. I am sorry if it is a dumb question… admittedly I never used more than one desktop environment before… really I want Deepin, but I understand there are buggy issues with it so I want at least KDE or Gnome too just in case.


Yes, your applications are not DE specific so they all show up in every DE.

Also, fair warning that deepin is not the best desktop in terms of playing with others. It may cause some oddities when used in a multi-de environment with the same user account.


Thank you – I appreciate the information. That makes sense. I may just remove some desktop environments so it becomes less cluttered later. Good to know about Deepin too… I will keep careful watch.

Given what you said, do you think it would be better than to only have/use Deepin? And then add on another desktop environment only if needed later?

Yes. Well, unless one of the options was to not use Deepin. :innocent:


the first thing that comes to my mind was that the apps.desktop file can have the do not show in DE option:
OnlyShowIn, NotShowIn


A list of strings identifying the desktop environments that should display/not display a given desktop entry.

By default, a desktop file should be shown, unless an OnlyShowIn key is present, in which case, the default is for the file not to be shown.

If $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is set then it contains a colon-separated list of strings. In order, each string is considered. If a matching entry is found in OnlyShowIn then the desktop file is shown. If an entry is found in NotShowIn then the desktop file is not shown. If none of the strings match then the default action is taken (as above).

$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP should have been set by the login manager, according to the value of the DesktopNames found in the session file. The entry in the session file has multiple values separated in the usual way: with a semicolon.

The same desktop name may not appear in both OnlyShowIn and NotShowIn of a group.

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