Akonadi (Kmail) stopped working yesterday

I am running testing repos (for testing and helping to find issues). Yesterday mariadb got an update to 10.6.3-1. Mariadb was still running with this new version, akonadi too, but kmail was unable to add items to the database. No new mails and I cannot access old ones. Downgrade to 10.5.11-1 fixed the problem. Has anyone explored what is the problem? I have not found any bug report that fits and I am not sure where a bug report should point to: mariadb or akonadi…

Problem escalades. Today a big bunch of updates rolled into testing - included many akonadi related packages. After updating all kmail does not work as before (error messages from akonadi). I downgraded mariadb again - but the problem persists. I have to downgrade package akonadi, too. When I have running the downgraded version of mariadb AND akonadi kmail is running. Only combination at the moment that works. No one else has running “testing” and uses kmail to confirm (or not) the issue? FIY:I use mysql database for akonadi.

all akonadi packages of today are in stable repos so many users who upgrade now do have the combination that is not working here: akonadi 21.04.3-1 and mariadb 10.5.11-1. Can anyone check if kmail is working in this combination?

This is very strange. I have had the same issue on another machine running testing yesterday. Akonadioutput on concole (if I started it on console) showed tons of errors "cannot update time in table xxx) and I could not access any mail. Today startes both machines and they began complete download of all mails. After an hour intensively working it seems all is accessible again using all recent packages of testing. Still not all mail accounts synchronized. I will wait some hours until the process is finished and then I will again start akonadi on console to watch the output if there are any error messages.

Personally I would wait for akonadi to be updated (and in the meantime downgrade mariadb). I doubt that you really need to update mariadb for whatever reason

Of course there is no need for updating mariadb at this moment. But I want to be a part of testing community who can report issues of testing in time so that they do not walk to stable :wink:


A thankless job at times, I know by experience. So, thank you very much indeed.

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I know. But it is important. Mostly the things that are important are thankless. But it’s not me I am awaiting any thank - it is my way to say “thank you” to all the maintainers and programmers who do a pretty good job. Without them we would not have any free software at all…

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