Aisleriot no longer works

The updates: aisleriot-3.22.20 → aisleriot-3.22.23-1
When trying to run any game, it complains of an older version:

I re-installed, didn’t work, then removed, , then re-installed again all to no avail.

Happening here, too.

you can downgrade the package to the older version(3.22.20) that had worked.

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Thanks; any safe and easy command to downgrade to that older version?

sudo downgrade aisleriot


Done, thank you very much!

I just installed Ubuntu 22.10 which has the latest Aisleriot 3.22.23, and it works. Something is missing with Arch installs. I have 3 endeavouros installs and they all fail the saame way as my top post. I suppose I could do find/trace Aisleriot files.configs in Ubuntu and compare to Endeavouros.

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Weird. Version aisleriot-3.22.23-2 works for me. This version was released on June 17th, 2022.

So, try again :slight_smile:

nice, the new update apparently fixes the bugs of the previous update.

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Yes “aisleriot 3.22.23-1 → 3.22.23-2” on current update.

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