Again, thank you. The Perfect Distro (so far)

After solving my issues with CUPS (what, two weeks ago now?) Everything just works.
Switching from Cinnamon to Xfce went very smoothly. As it always does with Arch, but anyway…
Looking forward to installing this on a new computer later this year!


Perfect for me. The thought has come to me several times of late, that my distro-hopping days are going to be behind me.

Live long and prosper EndeavourOS!


Right! No more distro-hopping. Now I can actually use my 4G flashdrive for storing and transfering data files instead of “sudo dd if=/… of=/dev/sdb bs=4M && sync”.


I know that one very good, too. :sweat_smile:
So bye-bye distro-hopping and welcome DE/WM-hopping. :wink:


You switched form Cinnamon to Xfce? Please enlighten me? Why? What made you do it? :wink: I’m still distro hopping on the side! :smile:

I just prefer it. It’s like asking why someone likes Stones over Beatles.

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I get that… as i say the same about Cinnamon. Thought i would ask though as I’m getting used to Xfce.

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Well it is the snappiest of the full DEs, I feel. It is no longer the lightest (compated to LXqt etc) (Plasma boots in lighter, but somehow uses more when running other apps, I have noticed*) but it is stupidly stable.
It is just as customizable as Cinnamon (only thing different is no in-DE “app store” for plugins).
It also have a number of apps that are actually more functional while lighter than Gnome / Cinnamon / Budgie has, the star of the show the terminal that can doeverything Gnome Terminal can do, plus drop down function while using 60% of the memory and being transparent.

*Example: For me Xfce with NVIDIA loads in at just about 600 Mb. Plasma at 450-480. But when I start firefox suddenly Plasma running firefox uses as much as Xfce with firefox.

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