After Update everthing kinda broken

Hey, so today I made an update, and now a bunch of my GNOME extensions are acting up.
Plus, I can’t seem to launch games with Bottles anymore, even though it was fine before the update.

And to top it off, Timeshift didn’t create the scheduled snapshots.

Any thoughts on how to roll back the entire update?

The streamio flatpak is no longer working aswell.

Did you make a note of the packages that were updated?

Even if you didn’t, you can find them using the below command in a terminal, listed by date:

cat /var/log/pacman.log

Then take a look at the wiki on how to revert those updates.


Restoring to a specific date:

GNOME has just had a version upgrade recently >> 46

Usually, after such an upgrade, some extensions that have not been updated to support the new GNOME version may malfunction or not function at all.

Oftentimes the extension developers will catch up with updating their extensions within shortly.

Your other issues have most probably other causes.

You haven’t provided any info in form of error messages, logs etc so at this stage it is anyone’s guess.

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Oh, yes. I forgot there was an update.

I’m so glad I decided to learn how to use WMs as my daily driver. Most of these update issues just don’t happen on my system. :innocent:

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i went the route with restoring to a specific date, will report back shortly after i have tested that everything works as before :slight_smile: thank you

Even though restoring the packages back to a certain date may resolve your current issues, it is not a solution to them in the long run.

Sooner or later you will have to do a sudo pacman -Syu because of the nature of the beast that Arch Linux is.

You may then be facing the same or other issues that need to be handled.

A much better strategy, in my opinion, would be to try to troubleshoot what might be wrong and fix that rather than using a snapshot or roll back all the packages to a certain date.

At any rate, it is "Your System, Your Rules.

There are those who reinstall their system when they encounter some issues they believe to be unresolvable.


Like @pebcak said, there was a recent Gnome update, so when you update again you are likely to have the same issue.

Also, I should’ve mentioned that downgrading/restoring is only or should only be a temporary measure. This would have been said somewhere in the wiki, but all the same, I’m saying it now.

It seems to work now, my system crashed a few times, had to remove every gnome extension and reinstall them for it to work.

i will leave this open for a few hours just in case it breaks again :smiley:

Not sure if you are taking into account the last two comments before yours, but… you should.

Unless it is that you mean you removed the extensions and fully updated your system?

Also, did you manually create a snapshot in timeshift this time?

Yes, I did create a snapshot.

I will update in the near future and fix any issues that may arise, but right now I don’t really want to deal with that.

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Okay. I see. Well, hopefully it’s not too bad when you update.

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