After today's update: pygtk orphaned

…See above: It seems to be a dependency for:

ibglade-2.6.4-6  python2-2.7.17-2  python2-cairo-1.18.2-4  python2-gobject2-2.28.7-4  pygtk-2.24.0-8

So… what to do? If anything?

Maybe try to remove it, if you don’t need it? You could try command

  sudo pacman -Rsn pygtk

and see if it shows packages you want to keep. If not, it should be safe to remove.

I removed it and nothing broke down.

I also removed it. Only an old version of diffuse needed that, but I removed that too.

pygtk depends on those packages, not the other way around.

This might explain the issue a bit more:

I updated this morning and no problems at all.


@Beardedgeek72 my Rns command showed

$ sudo pacman -Rsn pygtk
checking dependencies...

Packages (4) libglade-2.6.4-6  python2-cairo-1.18.2-4  python2-gobject2-2.28.7-4

Total Removed Size:  7.46 MiB

I removed them all. pactree showed nothing depended on them but pygtk.

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Removed it and the other files. Gimp seems to work without it.

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Just a word of information, for whoever needs it. It has been updated twice since yesterday. :+1:

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