After rebooting something asking for authentication!

I just noticed today after I made updates, after reaching desktop I find a box asking for authentication. (see image)

I double checked what I am having in the auto startup I did not notice something I do not know! Rebooted again, just to be sure… same box!

Of course I did not pass my root password to it, but I am worried this might be some sort of malware?! How come, it is Linux after all. Whatever I install I did through yay I believe.

What is this, is it safe to pass my password to it? What… mmm I have a lot of questions!
Any ideas?
P.S. I just installed paru, anything related?

It could be something being re-opened from your session.

Look at the list of running processes to determine what is causing that to run.

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Something re-opened while I just rebooted?
Well, I did top and I was suspicious of dropbox and resilio.
Dropbox was installed a few days ago and had my password already. (user password)
Resilio was installed sometime ago and had my password as well (user password)
Both are supposed to remember the user password!
Thanks @dalto
I will reboot and reboot and see how it goes and I will let you know.

It seems it was dropbox. I passed the user password and rebooting fine. I wonder what made it forget the password!

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