After installing, can I add a WM without breaking things?

I’m pretty sure each time that I try to get my preferred window manager installed, having two DE’s just ***ks things up too much for me to handle and others to be bothered with.
And yet, I do not feel comfortable downloading without the safty of a graphical DE to work with, for internet and the like.
is this still the case?

You will have the joy to use more than one desktop environment or window manager, when you read and understand how environment variables work in a user session.
Until then…

This is Sparta Arch!


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Hello @elakpa
Maybe you should do this. Boot on the live ISO and install Xfce and then also add i3 window manager at the same time on the install.That way you use xfce and are able to log into i3 if you want and get used to how i3 works. When you first install it and boot into i3 it has some things that automatically load such as Firefox brings up the webpage explaining how to set some configs so that they don’t automatically load. It’s done this way on purpose so you can read through the page and learn how to do it. i3 is set up very nicely. It is probably the easiest to learn from if you want to use a WM. This way you can log out and log into xfce or vice versa. They suit each other very well. This is Arch as @petsam say’s so it takes work to learn.

Good luck if you wish to try and there are those here who will be helpful but you also need to do the heavy lifting. Reading…our Wiki is helpful.

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I am pretty comfortable with awesomewm. And going with endeavour as you suggest, was my hopeful dream. though endeavour does not come with awesome (officially), so I was just going to download kde and then download awesome on top of that, only issue is that 2 months down the line I have a full kde setup confusing me along the way when im fiddiling about in my awesome, and im p.sure removing it is not simple :frowning: especially if i end up using stuff like kde’s screen temperature or something whist in my awesomewm session

if that didnt sound like gibberish, any other suggestions are welcome. otherwise, ill just yeet myself at it :stuck_out_tongue: <3

I wouldn’t mix another desktop with kde. I use kde and it’s fantastic on EOS. But I’m telling you I3 and Xfce together are perfect. You can log into either one. They work together great. No issues and you can update from either.


ill take your word for it then. Xfce to minimize issues ill probably encounter.
Thank you all the more

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I managed to install multiple DE and WMs in a single install. The only way to do that without messing up the configuration files is to have one user per DE/WM. That way the configuration files stay in the own user’s home directory.

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