After installation I get an error!

Hi all are new on linux and I tried for a few days to install this OS but without success I always get this error. I tried with several USB and installed the whole hard drive.

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Did you select any desktop environment while installing?
If not, please try the offline install mode.


Yes I selecte. I’ll try in mode ofline.

Update : I managed to install it in no internet mode! :crazy_face::partying_face:

Thanks for the advice.

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That is not an error, that is what a normal computer displays when it boots up: a terminal interface (TTY). It is prompting you for your username and password. Do as it asks, and you will be presented with a sight most beautiful: a shell in the TTY. Now you can use your computer.

Now, if you’re one of those youngsters who like to amuse themselves by clicking on little pictures with a mouse, you will need to install a window system, like xorg, to provide you with a graphical user interface.


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