After install suggestions

saw this post:

listed are things to do after a clean install of archlinux.

Would appreciate seeing if EndeavourOS developers have like suggestions.

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what they suggest is what i do also after a fresh install…

  1. check journal and dmesg
  2. check if systemd stuff is working as it should
  3. check options for hardware TRIM (for SSD) , GPU driver options, powersavings
  4. check Applications and add remove set options (check also for optional deps!)

@joekamprad so, the above steps are new information for me (I don’t know what I don’t know). In all my earlier reading It seems I missed what appears to be some essential knowledge. Might those steps be useful listed in the EndeavourOS install wiki?

Yes we want to create a WIKI on what to do and check after initial install, but we are busy on making the ISO more clean, stable, and magic … we will provide this asap!

and as a reminder: if someone can provide usefull howtos we will be happy to add them to the WIKI!