After 7 hours, system will freeze


I am having issues with my system where it works perfectly…for around 7 hours before it freezes.
Journalctl logs provides no info indicating nothing is really happening at this time frame,
0 events happen at the time of freeze.
I have tried disabling CStates with kernel params to no avail. Is there anything else you lads would recommend?

Maybe you could open a watch uptime and see if it corresponds to any specific uptime?

Generally, when there is no indication in the journalctl, it is probably a hardware issue, or something like overheating. But that wouldn’t have a specific timeout attached.

I thought so too, temps are nominal so the issue is just extra strange. I will post results if I notice anything with watch uptime over the next few freezes

system information, ram , do you have swap , or using zram … ?