Afraid To Update Right Now

Looking at the Official Arch forums makes me terrified to update right now.

These plus some users here having similar and seemingly worse issues. Haven’t updated since 4/28 since I usually update once a week, but I feel like going another week.

That said: I may not actually run into any issues at all, and I can probably fix them with some web searches (including the EndeavourOS and Arch forums), but I’d just rather not deal with any issues this weekend.

Will maybe update tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:



Yeah seems like you’re right. I see many pacman getting stuck and breaking the systems. I would hold the update for another couple of days.


The packages that have me concerned:

compiler-rt 17.0.6-1 -> 17.0.6-2
cuda 12.4.1-1 -> 12.4.1-3
curl 8.7.1-5 -> 8.7.1-6
glib2 2.80.0-3 -> 2.80.0-4
glib2-docs 2.80.0-3 -> 2.80.0-4
glibc 2.39-2 -> 2.39-4
iproute2 6.8.0-1 -> 6.8.0-2
jemalloc 1:5.3.0-3 -> 1:5.3.0-4
lib32-glib2 2.80.0-1 -> 2.80.0-4
lib32-glibc 2.39-2 -> 2.39-4
lib32-nvidia-utils 550.76-1 -> 550.78-1
libcurl-compat 8.7.1-5 -> 8.7.1-6
libcurl-gnutls 8.7.1-5 -> 8.7.1-6
linux 6.8.7.arch1-2 -> 6.8.9.arch1-1
llvm 17.0.6-3 -> 17.0.6-4
llvm-libs 17.0.6-3 -> 17.0.6-4
mkinitcpio 38.1-1 -> 39-1
ncurses 6.4_20230520-2 -> 6.4_20230520-3
nvidia 550.76-2 -> 550.78-1
nvidia-settings 550.67-1 -> 550.78-1
nvidia-utils 550.76-3 -> 550.78-1
rsync 3.3.0-1 -> 3.3.0-2
systemd 255.5-2 -> 255.5-4
systemd-libs 255.5-2 -> 255.5-4
systemd-resolvconf 255.5-2 -> 255.5-4
systemd-sysvcompat 255.5-2 -> 255.5-4

Honestly, nightmare material right here. It’s kinda why I wanna try Linux Mint again and hope it fills my needs nicely. I doubt it will, but I kinda wanna go and check it out when it releases in the summer.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Especially since I do screen sharing and graphics, so I have lots of apps in comparison to others that may be affected, even if I can log in.

I think nvidia is breaking things again. Most of the posts getting reported with nvidia cards. So, the best thing is to hold off updating until the community finds the issue and patches it.

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Yeah, Mint is pretty much the only thing outside of Arch and OpenSuse (tumbleweed) I’m willing to use.

This reply might help people having this issue. It’s a similar problem and chroot and pacman -Syu helped.

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Yeah, I bookmarked in case I need it. Can access the forum from my tablet if necessary.

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Just updated and rebooted. Works without issues. But I have to say that I only use AMD parts


I hope pacman thinks I’m special and gives me the best treatment, even with my Nvidia card. :pray: :sweat_smile:

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I’m sure pacman knows his secrets :mage:

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I did the big update yesterday and rebooted. all good on lxde world. I have a nvdia card but use the nouveuas (sp?).
system-config-printer was the only fubar and @dalto fixed that for me.

observation: arch board more alarmist than this forum board.
2 cents

Actually, neither are alarmist. Only this post is alarmist — meaning my original post.

Both forums just have a similar set of issues, which is expected.

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It is the nvidia drivers. If you aren’t using the 550 version of those drivers I wouldn’t be overly worried about it.

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I meant I don’t see successive/excessive ‘update broke my XYZ’ type posts here. Perhaps alarmist wrong word?

That’s exactly what I’m using.

@dalto I suggest we make a sticky post until this issue gets resolved upstream

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We made a post but there is no sign of any resolution coming so we can’t leave it sticky forever.

It has been an ongoing issue.

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They can cause serious issues and not only with updating. You really should consider not using that version until they are fixed.