Adventures with btrfs and gpt

Yes, not recent, but I at least haven’t heard or read anything in this respect since. I tried to work around this for a while but at some point moved away from Dropbox.

Yeah, it might not have happened then, but it’s a bad sign they were thinking about it at all, IMHO. I’m still using dropbox for now, but there are other good alternatives out there to check out for sure.

Oh it did happen, I saw this through, first I got constant messages from my Dropbox agent that my setup is soon not going to be supported, then they cut me off, so I had to use a workaround to hide the filesystem from them. But like I said, at some point I thought if they don’t want me as a customer, I may as well move on.

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Weird. I’m using dropbox currently on a btrfs set up. Maybe that’s using some workaround like you mentioned, but it was just dropbox installed the usual way (I think it was from the AUR, but that’s not anything crazy).