Adventures in KDE

As I am exploring the KDE/Plasma-world at the moment and take a few days off from my i3-wm construction site, I found some interesting links/videos that helped me to dig a little deeper into the details of Plasma-Settings.
A lot of articles what’s going on in KDE-Development, real interesting.
Some Youtube-Videos about KDE/Plasma. Some are based on the articles from the link above (Adventures in KDE). The voice is synthesized and sounds like an Anime-Character, that’s kinda cool. :wink:

Both are informative and entertaining, so I thought I share them with you.

PS: I don’t know how personalized the YT-Search is… I just hope you’re becoming the same searchresults as I am.


that is pretty cool I will check it out tomorrow as I have just installed kde-plasma on the same disk as xfce it went flawlessly very happy with it

lol mayby something for you :slight_smile:

I will save that for my sleepless nights
thanks ringo

Oh yeah, I tried that but failed. :sweat_smile:
There are some more articles about that. I read them all but always something was missing. Maybe I should’ve asked here. :thinking: