Additional permissions needed for "nobody"

Whenever I start the system (with KDE), my previously opened applications are started automatically (I like that behaviour). However, Firefox doesn’t open instantly. Instead the system prompts me that

The desired action needs additional permissions. Please enter the password for nobody, or click “ignore” to proceed without additional rights

(this is just translated, because my system language is not English. So this might not be exactly what you could read on your system.)

If I just click “ignore”, Firefox launches without problems. What could be the source of this problem? It might be important to notice, that I use AppArmor.

If I start firefox “normal”, everything works fine.

Do not change permissions for the nobody user - this will only lead to other issues.

Firefox want’s to do something it’s not allowed to under your current permissions schema.

Frankly I have no experience with AppArmor so my guess is as good as yours. Could be writing to the .mozilla folder or it could be instructions to use GPU for rendering - but it is just thoughts.


Could be writing to the .mozilla folder

I don’t exactly understand what you mean with that. But the folder is drwx------

The point is, whatever is the cause of this issue it is not misconfigured permissions for the user nobody. The user nobody should have no permissions, that’s why this account exists in the first place.

So whatever the fix to your problem is, it is not giving nobody permissions. That would be a very bad idea.