Adding these packages to the kde installation

Not all plasma widgets function without these packages, qt5-xmlpatterns and qt5-scxml
maybe include it by default… on the installation

For me endeauvouros rules all arch installs
Keep up the good work


Could you share which widgets are not working without the mentioned packages?

Looking at what is dependent on these packages, they look like to be dependencies of some quite specific packages and should be pulled in when one installs one of them.

I am not on my KDE Plasma testing system right now, but I would like to test.

List of the dependents on qt5-xmlpatterns and qt5-scxml

pactree -r qt5-xmlpatterns -s

│ └─kde-education-meta
│   └─kde-applications-meta
│ ├─kde-education-meta
│ └─labplot
│ └─sink
│   └─kube
│ └─kde-education-meta
│ └─kde-education-meta
│ └─kde-education-meta

pactree -r qt5-scxml -s


there are a few, the onlyone i always use is the newer weatherwidget2, also the smartER video wallpaper need these 2 packages to work lib32-gstreamer lib32-gst-plugins-good

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Thanks for the reply!
I’ll have a look when I am back on my Plasma testing system.

I also used the weather widget but those two qt5 packages were installed with it because I don’t recall installing them explicitly. The weather widget just worked when I installed it.

As for the lib32 packages, those are very specific to certain apps, we do provide a jump start into Arch and that means a bit more self-search when certain installed apps by you aren’t working directly. :wink:


when removing qt5-xmlpatterns qt5-scxml, weather widget2 shows me this

file:///home/guilluame/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.weatherWidget-2/contents/ui/main.qml:112:5: Type MetNo unavailable

file:///home/guilluame/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.weatherWidget-2/contents/ui/providers/MetNo.qml:2:1: module “QtQuick.XmlListModel” is not installed

Thats the fun with arch, it needs some fiddeling…
And thats a good thing, because how else whe are gonna learn!!

Keep in mind i am using the newer weatherwidget2

Are you installing the widgets from the Arch repos? If so, they should pull the dependencies automatically.

If you are manually installing widgets from the KDE store, then dependency management is your responsibility as a user.

Good Lord, no, that’s an awful idea! Why should I have these packages explicitly installed if I don’t need them? If they are a dependency for something I want, they will get installed automatically. Otherwise, it’s just bloat.

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Hello all,

I know kdestore is not supported, but user experiens is a plus for new users…
And these packages are small, and in the default repositories, so not harmfull…

Tnx for clearing up this problem i had…

groetjes uit zeist

Perhaps it’s good to know, for your future installs, that there is a user_pkglist.txt in the home directory of the liveuser where you can put the name of all the packages that you already know you would want to have in your installed system. Launch the installer and proceed with the installation as normal. If you already knew this, please ignore this post.

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Not everyone needs those packages. I’ve never used them.

This will increase the list of packages for the distro maintainers need to keep a track of. KDE install provided by :enos: is very minimal. The user is expected to install any additional packages they require.


Linux has always been learnix to me…
Tnx for the tips, i did not know them

wel all is well

Great support… TNX

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Yeah, but there’s no end to it once you go down that path. The same argument can be made for thousands of equally small packages which could be helpful to some new user somewhere…

The solution is not to bloat up the install, but for new users to learn how to do package management, obviously. One can’t effectively use Arch Linux without knowing that.

“Tnx” is not a valid solution to the “problem” you had. You’ve marked the wrong reply as the solution.

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