Adding Online Calendars to Kalendar

My school has a timetable for each day, which has a “calendar feed”. I would like to add that calendar to Kalendar (KDE Calendar) where I can just open the calendar pop-up at the bottom and check my timetable.

However the timetable changes every week, so that would mean that Kalendar should just always have this calendar synchronised

I noticed an option that says ‘Import Calendar’, however it only accepts files, and not an actual calendar feed’s URL, and I’m not too sure, nor am I able to currently check if adding the calendar file (.ics) will have it update each week, or will it just display what is currently showing.

So my question is, how would I go about importing the calendar feed using its URL into Kalendar?

i think it updates daily or so, not sure thats just my estimate from my own use.
you can easily add an online .ics calendar, probably other formats as well.
settings > configure kalendar > accounts > add account (under calendar, not under contact books) > ical calendar file > just paste the url in the ‘file name’ field and give it a name. it works

one problem is that the panel calendar widget is hard coded to only show max 5 events per day :((


Okay that’s great, I’ll have to work with the 5 events but that’s fine, thank you!

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