Adding extra Accounts

I like this OS so much, using arch and the simple setup. I am using XFCE for my desktop.

I was just wondering, I am going to install this for my parents PC and they have 2 seperate accounts.

What would be the best way to go about doing that? They will be using the XFCE4 desktop “Offline Install” that is.
What do I need to do for account managers and such things? I guess I could probably search for it, but it’s my parents and I don’t want to look stupid removing their Windows 10 OS and reinstalling Endeavour OS, that’s why I am asking.

Any recommended account managment programs for XFCE4?

My Mom & Dad have seperate accounts, so they need to logout and login to view their own stuff.

LOL! Sorry, I bet I sound completely STUPID! But I tried to explain this the best I could.

Thank you all for your time! And this is the best OS installer there is and OS for that matter, Thanks again!


There are tools but it simple enough from the command line:

sudo useradd -m -G sys,log,network,scanner,power,rfkill,users,video,storage,optical,lp,audio,wheel,adm username
sudo passwd username

That command gives them all the groups a user that you create during install has which may be more than they need but that is up to you.

The first command creates the user and the second sets a password.

Replace username with the actual username you want.


I only have sys wheel users rfkill . Had more when I installed . Now it reduced :thinking:

I read something about limiting groups in an Endeavour release note . Maybe this is all needed :man_shrugging:

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Thank you dalto, that solves my issue.

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I don’t think an update would have changed the groups for an existing user unless you did it at the time.

It is possible that my install is older or newer than yours and has different groups by default.

You don’t need any of those. It is more about what you want.

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