Adding a partition to home folder

i am using endeavour with KDE 6
I have a partition i want to use without merging it but making it act like it has merged to increase the size of my home folder
i have tried altering the fstab file to mount the partition at startup but it doesn’t increase the home size as it does create a new folder
any info about you want about my system, tell me

edit: all the replies seem like they would work however in order to maximise storage space i would need to do a revamp of my system and then follow one of these ideas

Because your home is on a partition with fixed size.

I don’t see how it would be possible to show a greater size for your home partition without merging the two of them together.

Another option is to point/redirect specific directories to the other partition. KDE’s settings manager has something for this built-in.

Also, IMHO, it’s a good thing that you don’t want to merge as I don’t recommend merging since there is a margin for serious issues. Usually, there are no issues, but just the fact that it can cause issues, I wouldn’t do it myself.

If I need to merge, I’d rather back up and reinstall from scratch. Especially since that is actually faster since I’d be backed up already. Merging can take hours.

bind mount is your friend here.
needs to mount the new partition in fstab under something like /mnt/extrahome and bind-mount folders inside users home from there.
This will indeed also replace folders like you can bind-mount like /mnt/extrahome/Documents on /home/username/Documents with this you still have your regular structure but Documents laying on the new partition. indeed you need to move files from old to the new one before as it will override the existing folder with the mount


Wouldn’t this be almost the same as moving the home folder to another partition

How would i go about redirecting them?

I’m not on KDE right now, but open system settings and search for “directories” / “folders”.

To confirm: the files currently on one partition won’t automatically get moved. This only makes it so your settings and default locations for the specified directories are stored elsewhere.

Also, I am not sure if there is a slot for the home directory. I am only sure about the others: documents, downloads, videos, etc.

EDIT: Search for “locations”

Moving the data from your home directories to directories on another partition will free up space in your home directory but if what you want is to

that’s not gonna happen.

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Yeah, so it’s either you merge with your files on the partition from a Live USB/CD (I wouldn’t), or one of the other options given, OR reinstall with partitions set up exactly how you want.

PS: Backing up is the most important thing to do before anything else. If you were already being diligent, then backing up shouldn’t take much time. If you weren’t, take the time to do that first.

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only that it is not the same as you only do this for folder not the entire home.
What you think of is something like volume groups, what would need an entire different setup.

It sounds that everything (root and home) is on one partition (Old) at the moment. Now you have a second partition New you want to mount in /home.

You can’t easily “blow up” the size of home by somehow adding a different volume to home. What you can do is move stuff over in home from Old to New and mount New in home instead of Old.

Depending on how big New is that may or may not provide additional space. But you can also just move some folders within home, e.g. if you have a big Downloads or Picture folder you don’t move all of home but just those folders. Depends.

PS: Also depending of the filesystem and partition layout removing the empty partition (and moving) and resizing the existing partition can be an option. But that’s much more risky business. Only an option with backups and the will to reinstall if things go wrong.

Of course you can. This is why Linux was created. No need to merge anything, just backup.

  1. Backup
  2. Backup
  3. First comment here:

Let us know how it went

Had this problem, you can move your home anywhere and maybe leave a symlink in the old location.