Adding a conky?

Whats the easiest way to add a conky(after install via pamac its pretty limited as far as good conkies go.), i know you can install conky/cony manager via pamac. But how do you add a conky to the manager? Thanks

If you have found a new ‘conky’, all you need do is add the containing folder to the .conky folder in your home directory. Then it will be recognised by conky-manager when you run it, and you can select it.

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Do you know wheres a good place to get some? Thanks

Deviant Art



you have here on the forum some conky :


You can install conky-manager to start with conky configs, it has a gui interface but also lets you play with the text config file and has some models ready to go.


I recommend modifying a standard conky or somebody else’s. It’s good fun and not difficult. Make copies and take care when modifying the script. Here is a good website with a lot of the configuration details:

You will make mistakes, so make copies. It’s good fun - honest.


Thank you