Add Virtualization-Support into ISO Live-System by default?

Many people boot up the installation ISO within virtual machines to try out their potential new system. Therefore various systems come with the VirtualBox Guest Additions package installed by default

Do you think it could be useful to also add support for virtual machines into the installation ISO of EndeavourOS? I am thinking about optimized support for popular virtualization software like VirtualBox or QEMU.

  • For VirtualBox: virtualbox-guest-x11 , virtualbox-guest-utils and virtualbox-guest-dkms packages
  • For QEMU: spice-vdagent

Just an idea - maybe this is completely nonsense… :sweat_smile: What do you guys think?

My first thought on that is “More work for the Welcome program”. I think it might well be a good idea to add in those things, provided it is trivial (ie: easy) to get rid of them in alternate scenarios. For those of us on bare metal, is is not a required item for sure.

I speak not as much of a Virtualbox user - about all my install does is run old Windows :grin: - but extending the easy reach might be worthwhile. Just keep in mind that most prospective users out there are aware that ARCH is pretty much do-it-yourself in nature, and should expect not to have everything conceivable already there - other distros have that handled!

Now for the comment about slippery slopes… naw - never mind.


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Support for VirtualBox is already included in the ISO.
The next release will also support VMware.
Qemu does not need any special services or packages installed onto the ISO to work.


Thank you for your answers! :smiley:

Oh, I am sorry for this missexplanation! I wanted to ask if it could make sense to add VM-support into the ISO live-system itself, so it would perform better when getting booted in VMs.

I think eos-welcome program should be not influenced by that, no? The VM-support would just improve the live system performance, but not affecting the integrated installer.

Sure, that is completely right! But nevertheless, the spice-vdagent package provides strong improvements in regard to lagging graphics performance, smoothened mouse pointer movements, drag & drop, moving the mouse pointer out of the VM and use it on the host machine without any issues (and vice-versa), etc. :smiley: All in all, a lot of very useful improvements.

Maybe misexplanation, maybe misapprehension on this end. Just because I don’t know what I’m talking about all the time, doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion! :grinning:

In this case, misunderstood, AND knew nothing. Just trying to help keep things simple - if only I knew enough about what simple was. Maybe I should take the batteries out of the keyboard for a day…