Add orca screen reader for accessibility

As seen in reddit.
The latest version of orca along with dependencies, along with setting a keyboard hotkey (super alt s), would be helpful to some people.

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we have this inside installer for a long time already…
But calamares (installer application-framework) is not working good for screenreader and there are many issues using calamares on top of a gtk environment and as root in addition. (calamares uses qt) all of that makes it currently impossible to get this working on the ISO.
That’s the reason for us having only a package group you can install:

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Any update on this??

We have another user requesting this on Matrix.

Can orca be added to live iso without issues?

It simply do not work not under xfce4 itself properly and not running a qt app on an unsupported gtk de …

Even if we add it to the ISO, it won’t work with Calamares.

It is because Calamares runs as root. There is an open issue for it on Calamares but it isn’t easy to fix.

Is not not possible some polkit rules? So you dont have to do sudo?

on a deep journey of testing this, it was not even running in a usable way on the xfce4 live session itself.

We already use polkit for escalation. I am not following how that would help though.

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mayby just a cli offline installer for it… sonar used at manjaro the cli one…