Add Línes To Kernel

Good morning, I am writing to inform you that the CuerdOS developers have found the solution to the error that did not allow the internal microphone to be used on the HP - Victus by HP Laptop 16-e1xxx model.
They have added some lines to the kernel and the solution has been uploaded to bugzilla, please integrate it so that EndeavourOS has the solution, please and thank you very much.


Right forum?


EndeavourOS doesn’t change the kernel at all. Also Manjaro maintain their own kernel so you would have to request this from them


big oops moment :slight_smile:

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Sorry , put a forum in manjaro too sorry

I would have to tell Arch, right?

If you are using Manjaro you would have to tell them as they use their own kernel

not i use Ende

I was wrong in the post

Sorry so much for my wrong

just kidding man :slight_smile: no one’s going to deport you to the neighbours’ forum:P